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Welcome to St Augustine

At St. Augustine’s we recognise that education is about more than academics and that good education helps children to grow in faith and morality.

St Augustine’s is a thriving Catholic school.  It is a place of welcome and service for all, and once through the school gates, it takes no time at all to realise you have entered a family community which unites all learners including teachers, support staff, parents, parish, Governors and, not least, children. 

Our School Mission Statement:

In the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we remember that each person is gifted, unique and loved by God and so in the family of St Augustine’s we

Welcome everyone in Jesus’ name;

Work together in Jesus’ name;

Follow Jesus’ example in all that we do;

Learn with Jesus as our inspiration;

Grow in faith with Jesus as our leading light.

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